Kinesiologie Unterwegs

  When all your energies are brought into harmony, your body flourishes. - Donna Eden

I am a travelling Energy Kinesiologist (I travel to you to provide energy kinesiology services) and am trained in the following methods:

♦  Touch For Health® Kinesiology - a synthesis of knowledge from Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Kinesiology (the science of movement). Through balancing the energy in the body using techniques from these modalities, the body's energy blockages are cleared and the body's own healing power is activated in support and maintenance of one's health.

♦  LEAP® Brain Integration 1-4 and Special Program LEARNING protocols developed by Charles T. Krebs, Ph.D.

♦  Hyperton-X® - a branch of Kinesiology that focuses on releasing blocked energy in the muscles.

♦  Applied Physiology and the Brain - energetic balance of the physiology and of the brain.

♦  Seven Chi Keys - a balance of the seven main chakras. With the Seven Chi Keys, it is possible to determine which Chakras are out of balance and to balance them with Meridian points.

♦  K-Physis (Integrative Physiology of Marco Rado): Integrative Neurocardiology - kinesiology applied to the neurological, structural, emotional, electro-magnetic, endocrine and biophysical aspects of the heart, and the balance of the five senses and five Shen of TCM. The Five Pillars - a protocol that employs kinesiological muscle testing and meridian points from Traditional Chinese Medicine to balance postural energy.  Neurogastroenterology 3 - energetic balance of the microbiome. Foundation - Balance of the Living Matrix and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. Physiology of the Living Systems - Balancing the energetic physiology of the body.  Physiology of Stress, Inner Alchemy, and I Ching Balancing.

♦  Quantum Alignment Technique® (QAT) - a simple kinesiological method to energetically balance the biomechanical function of the body through the use of Neuro Connect™ devices infused with energy patterns. The QAT device technology was developed by Canadian Dr. Mark Metus BSc DC.

♦  Brain Gym® - a kinesiological training program through which both children and adults can activate and enhance their learning, concentration, and brain capabilities by way of focused movement.

♦  Brain Formatting - a kinesiology method developed by Hugo Tobar to interact non-invasively with different areas of the brain (cortex, limbic system, brain stem, etc.) in order to find and alleviate stress.

♦  SIPS - the Stress Indicator Point System - BAP - Body Alignment Proprioception, SIPS Reflexes, and SIPS VIP (Immune Protocol) - developed by Ian Stubbings. With the SIPS stress indicator points, stress can be identified, accessed, and thoroughly resolved.

♦  R.E.S.E.T. - the Rafferty Energy System for Easing the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint), developed by Philip Rafferty.

♦  Animal Kinesiology