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  About me

My name is Marian Russell. I am an Energy Kinesiologist and a Zdenko Domancic Bioenergy Therapy® Practitioner. My professional training includes:

  ♦ Diploma in Kinesiology (Vienna School for Kinesiology)
  ♦ Registered Touch For Health® Instructor
  ♦ Certified LEAP® Practitioner
  ♦ Hyperton-X®
  ♦ Applied Physiology and the Brain
  ♦ AP Seven Chi Keys Balance of the Seven Main Chakras
  ♦ K-Physis: Integrative Neurocardiology (heart-brain balance)
  ♦ K-Physis: The Five Pillars (structural balance)
  ♦ K-Physis: Integrative Neurogastroenterology 3 (microbiota energetic balance)
  ♦ K-Physis: Foundation - Balance of the Living Matrix and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians
  ♦ K-Physis: Physiology of the Living Systems
  ♦ K-Physis: Physiology of Stress
  ♦ K-Physis: Inner Alchemy
  ♦ K-Physis: I Ching Balance
  ♦ K-Physis: Amino Acids Balance
  ♦ Gut-Brain Axis Balance
  ♦ Quantum Alignment Technique® (QAT) for people and animals
  ♦ Brain Gym®
  ♦ Brain Formatting
  ♦ SIPS: 1-4, Body Alignment Protocol (BAP), Reflexes, Immune Protocol (VIP)
  ♦ Touch For Health® Metaphors
  ♦ R.E.S.E.T.
  ♦ Animal Kinesiology
  ♦ Human Anatomy and Physiology
  ♦ Zdenko Domancic Bioenergy Therapy®

I also have had a deep interest in the work of Donna Eden and have learned many of her energy techniques from reading her books and viewing her video workshops. I am a member of the Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology and am registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Lower Austria.

I believe very strongly that the body is a master healer. If you cut your finger, the body heals the cut in just a few days. If you break a bone, the body begins immediately to repair the break and it is repaired in just a few weeks. The body knows how to heal itself and this outer and inner healing power of our bodies functions optimally when our energetic system is in balance. I use kinesiological techniques to find and resolve blocks in a person's energy system so that the energetic system can function optimally.

I love kinesiology and working with people. I do not have an office. I prefer to travel to you (within a 5 kilometer radius of Probstdorf) to provide kinesiology sessions.

Cost:  The initial session is €20. This will give us a chance to get to know each other and for you to have an experience of Kinesiology. If you later decide you would like to have one or more sessions, the cost per session is negotiable.

Session Information:  What can I expect from a session?

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