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  About me

My name is Marian Russell. I am an Energetic Kinesiologist, and a Zdenko Domancic® Bioenergy Therapy Practitioner. I am currently only providing distance sessions in Zdenko Domancic® Bioenergy Therapy. My professional training includes:

  ♦ Zdenko Domancic® Bioenergy Therapy
  ♦ Diploma in Kinesiology (Vienna School for Kinesiology)
  ♦ Registered Touch For Health® Instructor
  ♦ Certified LEAP® Practitioner
  ♦ Hyperton-X®
  ♦ Applied Physiology and the Brain
  ♦ AP Seven Chi Keys Balance of the Seven Main Chakras
  ♦ K-Physis: Integrative Neurocardiology (heart-brain balance)
  ♦ K-Physis: The Five Pillars (structural balance)
  ♦ K-Physis: Integrative Neurogastroenterology 3 (microbiota energetic balance)
  ♦ K-Physis: Foundation - Balance of the Living Matrix and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians
  ♦ K-Physis: Physiology of the Living Systems
  ♦ K-Physis: Physiology of Stress
  ♦ K-Physis: Inner Alchemy
  ♦ K-Physis: I Ching Balance
  ♦ K-Physis: Amino Acids Balance
  ♦ K-Physis: Energetic 1: The TCM Syndromes
  ♦ Gut-Brain Axis Balance
  ♦ Quantum Alignment Technique® (QAT) for people and animals
  ♦ Brain Gym®
  ♦ Brain Formatting
  ♦ SIPS: 1-4, Body Alignment Protocol (BAP), Reflexes, Immune Protocol (VIP)
  ♦ Touch For Health® Metaphors
  ♦ R.E.S.E.T.
  ♦ Animal Kinesiology
  ♦ Human Anatomy and Physiology

I am a member of the Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology and am registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Lower Austria.

I believe very strongly that the body is a master healer. If you cut your finger, the body heals the cut in just a few days. If you break a bone, the body begins immediately to repair the break and it is repaired in just a few weeks. The body knows how to heal itself and this outer and inner healing power of our bodies functions optimally when our energetic system is in balance.

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