Kinesiologie Unterwegs

  Energy Kinesiology

Energy Kinesiology is a general category which encompasses kinesiological methods that grew out of Touch For Health®. The term originated in the early 1970's with Donna Eden who says in her book, Weaving the Energies: Setting the Field (EDEN, Donna (1996), 12f: Innersource: Ashland, Oregon): "As my work matured and took its own direction, I settled on the term Energy Kinesiology as the art and science of systematically moving energy in the physical body. I am interested in the body's energy wherever it flows: from the muscles, organs, veins, and bones to the chakras and meridians to the fields surrounding the body. I have retained the term kinesiology (the science of human muscular movements) in recognition of my indebtedness to Touch for Health®, its origins in Applied Kinesiology, and to acknowledge the continuing use of muscle testing in the Energy Kinesiology system." In May 2002, Donna Eden granted the Energy Kinesiology Association unrestricted rights to use the term Energy Kinesiology to describe the emerging profession of energy workers who use methods derived from the field of kinesiology. People who are schooled in several methods of kinesiology often refer to themselves as Energy Kinesiologists.

♦  Applied Kinesiology is a synthesis of knowledge and techniques from the fields of chiropractic, kinesiology (the study of muscles and body movement), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and nutrition which was developed in the 1960s by the American chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, and which is practiced by many chiropractors and medical professionals. Touch For Health® Kinesiology, developed by Dr. John F. Thie for lay persons, grew out of Applied Kinesiology and formed the basis for many other kinesiology methods that were developed subsequently, including LEAP®, Hyperton-X®, Brain Gym®, and R.E.S.E.T.

♦  Touch For Health® Kinesiology is a synthesis of knowledge from Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Kinesiology (the science of movement). Through balancing the energy in the body using techniques from these modalities, the body's energy blockages are cleared and the body's own healing power is activated in support and maintenance of one's health.

♦  K-Physis (Integrative Physiology from Marco Rado) is a synthesis of energy kinesiology and principles from Chinese medicine applied to the neurological, structural, emotional, electromagnetic, endocrine, and biophysical aspects of the body.

♦  Hyperton-X® is a branch of Kinesiology that focuses on releasing blocked energy in the muscles.

♦  Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols (LEAP®) is a kinesiological method developed by Charles T. Krebs, Ph.D., to promote brain integration.

♦  R.E.S.E.T. - the Rafferty Energy System for Easing the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint), developed by Philip Rafferty.