Kinesiologie Unterwegs


Frank Mahony (1932-1995), the founder of Hyperton-X®, was a Touch For Health® Instructor, who taught Touch For Health®, Acupressure, Holistic Stress Release, and Dyslexia/Learning Impairment Correction in Southern California for a number of years. Mahony began developing Hyperton-X® in 1982, when he had the opportunity to use kinesiology for testing and correcting athletes from many disciplines, some of them average weekend sports enthusiasts, but most of them gifted college and professional athletes from across the USA in sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and track. He was able to prove a correlation between performance and the hypertonic state of muscles. During this research, he learned about the Sacral-Occipital-Technique of Chiropractor DeJarnette, and was helped by Drs. Buddingh, Duarte, and Simmons to gain an understanding of the technique and its effects on the cerebral spinal fluid. From this basic understanding, Mahony went on to further develop the system of tests and corrections that comprise Hyperton-X®. During his career as Founder of Hyperton-X®, he worked with a number of athletes training in Southern California for the Olympic Games, and travelled around the world teaching Hyperton-X®.

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