Kinesiologie Unterwegs

  Zdenko Domancic® Bioenergy Therapy

Bioenergy boosts the immune system, spreading information of optimum performance to all cells, and enables the body to heal itself. - Zdenko Domancic

Zdenko Domancic® Bioenergy Therapy can be done for someone in person or at a distance. This method generally requires four sessions of 20-30 minutes each, over a period of four consecutive days, at the same time each day. The energetic work is done primarily in the energetic field around the body, with only gentle touch for energetic warming.

Every cell in your body has the picture of the healthy body. Every cell holds the information of the entire system. A single cell could reproduce the entire body under the perfect circumstances. All that a biotherapist has to do is restore the original [energetic] environment. In essence, it is not the biotherapist who heals, s/he just fixes your energy field. It is your body that heals itself. - Zdenko Domancic

Zdenko Domancic and Team, Bled, Slovenia, March 2010